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About MidCrib Hub

MidCrib Hub (MidCrib) is one of the leading web agencies. Established in 2016, we have been providing consultancy services in website development & hosting, software engineering, mobile Application development, Digital marketing, web analytics & monitoring, search engine marketing and training to companies in different parts of the world. MidCrib Hub Limited (MidCrib) is a multi-competency enterprise transformation and technology/media consulting firm that combines expertise and capabilities across many industries and business functions to provide top-notch business values to its clients across various business sectors. MidCrib forms diverse collaborations with its clients in the private and public sectors to profer a high performance ICT enterprises.

MidCrib offers ICT solutions that address Tech/Media related business challenges and add value to businesses. We act as one-window source for end-to-end Connectivity and ICT integration solutions; focusing on web solutions as well as IT security solutions which help enhance business operations.

MidCrib have directors and principals with over 10 years hands-on industry experience in various sectors of the economywhich includes exhibition of high level of competence in business stragtegic transformation; financial advisory; website development,

hosting, monitoring, analytics and evaluation; software engineering; high level communication technology; e-Business services development; government transformation (e-Government); systems integration; Digital Marketing; Tech & Media consulting; and process reengineering. MidCrib is equiped with deep understanding of its operating industries, strong technical and support competencies and outstanding track record in the private and public sector. With its operational high quality tested methodologies and best practices, its clients get top-notch, quality solutions that meet business demands and help transform business growth rate.

With the ever increasing and dynamic business needs erupting in recent times, MidCrib takes the extra journey to completely ascertain the basic needs of its clients so as to provide business solution that suits such specific need. MidCrib operational methods is such that offers its clients the capability to reinvent themselves remodel business operations and services with the application of proven business strategic and implementation tools.

Based on our broad portfolio of solutions, years of experience and extensive technical support, MidCrib is strongly positioned and confident to provide the right solutions for your business in a manner that will delight your specific business need and help increase turnover.

Why Choose Us

Our competitive advantage lies in our being a single point of contact for the client's digital businesses; an experienced, dynamic, professional interface for all of the dedicated operations of media analytics, website design & hosting, mobile application development, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM), web reputation & e-business strategies and Brand Protection. Our consultants have over 8 solid years of professional experience which we utilize in analyzing every aspect of digital businesses and to support our clients in every phase of the design, development and communication of the online project. Our services cover areas such as:

Project Analysis & Market Research

We conduct the strategic analysis of the project and of the strengths and weaknesses of the business; as well as the evaluation of the market and of the competition. Our technical teams are experts at enterprise software solutions development; website design and hosting; web analytics and monitoring.

Branding & Tech Consulting

We conduct the preliminary legal consultancy on internet law, privacy and intellectual property; creation and protection of corporate brand; creation of a social identity; the implementation of innovative digital marketing and multi-channel strategies; development of complex platforms, etc.

Our Mission

To provide Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with the facilities to enhance business growth, through the utilization of digital marketing tools, thereby helping in repositioning them in the global marketplace.

Our Vision

To be the world's top digital marketing company in online business promotion and provision of appropriate marketing tools, through the dedicated services of our professional team members across the globe.

Our Core Values

While working with clients, we ensure that data given to us are secure and confidential.
We understand what it means to offer high quality Tech/Media consulting and we make sure that we stick to set principles when handling any client's project.
At MidCrib, we believe that we are accountable to every single stage of any project development and as such, we ensure we utilize best industry practices in handling such project.
Maintaining a good stand with multiple clients certainly demand that we treat every single detail as transparent as possible. At MidCrib, we don't take this for granted.
We ensure that team members work in synergy while undertaking any project. This value is considered of utmost importance as it forms the basis of our existence.
MidCrib operational team members believe that it is better to 'treat others the very way you would prefer others to treat you.'
In any of our service delivery, we inculcate the passion which enrgizes us treat every project as special, because all our projects carry our mark of and speak for us in our absence.


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